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Jacksonville FL Retirement Homes

About Jacksonville FL Retirement Homes

In general, assisted living is housing for seniors for can no longer live in their homes safely on their own. These facilities are meant with seniors who need help with some of the functions of daily living due to mobility or health issues, but who do not require the kind of full time medical care or assistance that a place like a nursing home provides. There are many different kinds of assisted living facilities with a variety of different services offered. Some offer very independent living with minimal assistance like ramps and handrails, while others provide many services like meal preparation and bathing assistance. There are some assisted living facilities that allow seniors to choose from a range of services depending on their needs, and change the services that they use as they age. It’s possible for seniors to enter these facilities almost fully independent and slowly take advantage of help with different functions if they require it. It’s important to consider both your short term and long term needs when you are researching assisted living facilities. At The Eldercare Channel of Jacksonville, FL, we can help you in your search for an assisted living facility. Below we have provided a comprehensive directory of facilities in the area. Video host, William T. Edwards, Jr. of The Edwards Law Firm, works hard to provide the resources and information that senior citizens and caregivers need to deal with a number of important topics, including assisted living facilities. For help with your estate planning needs, please contact The Edwards Law Firm at (904) 215-3550.

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