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Jacksonville FL Paying for Care

About Jacksonville FL Paying for Care

Hello, and welcome to the Paying for Care section of The Eldercare Channel of Jacksonville, FL.  Here, you will find a wide range of resources on many topics related to paying for care.  Whether your needs are medical, financial, or insurance related, you will find that we can help you get the answers you need.  We will be taking a look at things like Medicare and Medicaid planning, VA and Social Security benefits, reverse mortgages, and long term care with our special video host, Tom Edwards of The Edwards Law Firm. The needs of Jacksonville seniors can be quite diverse, which is why we work hard to create a long list of videos, articles, resources, tips, and more.  We know that the best answer for one Florida senior might not be the best for another, so we want to equip you to make the right decision for you without having to scour the entire web.  Our information is always honest and straightforward, and we want to make paying for care and other important decisions as easy as possible. The Eldercare Channel of Jacksonville, Florida is designed to help ensure that seniors and their loved ones have access to the information they need.  We offer a great deal of information as well as community resources.  You will also find that we offer a complete directory of professionals in the area who specialize in paying for care as well as directories for other critical senior services and issues.

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