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Jacksonville FL Eldercare Consultants

About Jacksonville FL Eldercare Consultants

Eldercare consultants provide many important services to seniors. They are professionals who offer things like legal and financial advice and assistance in areas where seniors typically require services at some point or another. An eldercare consultant can be a financial planner, an estate planning attorney, an elder law attorney, geriatric care managers, real estate agents, or insurance professionals. Many provide very valuable services to seniors who need them. Things like final wills, living wills, and asset distribution as well as elder abuse issues and fraud are often handles by attorneys who specialize in these areas. Financial planners can assist seniors in planning their retirement so that they retain their quality of life through until the end without having to worry about running out of money. Insurance agents can aid seniors by filling in any gaps in coverage. If you are looking for an eldercare consultant, The Eldercare Channel of Jacksonville, FL has many resources to help you. We offer advice and tips on issues that are important to seniors and caregivers, including the use of eldercare consultants. Here you will find a directory of eldercare consultants in our area. Our video host, William T. Edwards, Jr., devotes his practice primarily to estate planning, trust administration, Medicaid planning, asset protection, guardianship and probate. For help with your estate planning needs, please contact The Edwards Law Firm at (904) 215-3550.

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